How to Easily Get Approved For Affiliate Offers

affiliate offers

Affiliate marketing is truly a great way to start making money online.

But one obstacle that gets in the way of many beginners is getting approved to promote affiliate offers.

Affiliate networks like JVzoo, Clickbank, and Warrior+ have it set up to where affiliates have to get approval to promote a product.

Many beginners ask me, "If I'm brand new and have zero sales, how can I persuade a product creator to let me promote their awesome product?"

Well let me set the expectations straight right here.

The truth is, some product creators will never approve a new affiliate with zero sales no matter what.

They want to protect their brand, their product and their stats like Earnings Per Click.

So if you don't have any affiliate sales, it will be difficult to get approved for good affiliate offers...

But it doesn't hurt to try!

There are many product creators who are open to giving new affiliates a shot. You have to request for enough affiliate links until you get approved to promote some.

Once you get affiliates sales under your belt it will be easier to get approved for really good affiliate offers.

The key is how you make your affiliate request. If a product creator doesn't personally know you, then they're concerned about who you are and how you're going to promote their product to make sales.

So in your request focus on those two areas: Who you are and your promotion plan. Here is a simple template you can use to create a great affiliate request:

Hi [Product Creator Name], my name is [Your Name]. I believe [Product Name] is a great product and it fits really well with my audience. I plan to promote your offer by [Your Promotion Plan].

If you haven't heard of me, here's my website:
[Your Website URL]

And here's my Facebook:
[Your Personal Facebook Profile URL]

I'm always happy to help. I look forward to promoting [Product Name] to my audience.

As you can see, this simple message serves two purposes. It let's the product creator know who you are and how you plan to promote their product. By providing your website and social media they can take a look at what you're all about and get a feel on your promotional style. This helps build trust and rapport which leads to a higher chance of getting approved for affiliate offers.

Final Thoughts

If you're brand new to affiliate marketing or you're struggling to get approved for affiliate offers, use the template above to create an affiliate request that speaks to the product creator's concerns. You will find plenty of product creators who appreciate it and will approve you to promote their products.

If you have questions about getting approved for affiliate offers, then please ask them in the comments.

What is your approach to getting approved for affiliate offers?