Product Launch Success Tips Part 1

Product Launch

After a few successful affiliate promotions to start the year, I decided to take a stab at doing my own product launch.

Over the course of a month and half, I created a product, built a sales funnel and pulled off a pre-launch campaign.​

​I gained several insights before, during and after my product launch, and I'm going to share them with you here.

​Be sure to take some notes.

​Here are a few tips to have a successful product launch:

​Build An Early Bird List

​This will be your most important asset throughout the entire launch.

​When you have the ability to quickly and easily send messages to a list of people who are already interested in your product... it gives you leverage.

​Plus you discover an honest level of interest in your product.

​Even if you plan to get JVs on board to promote your launch, having your own early bird list puts you in control. You don't have to depend on JVs to drive traffic. If you get JVs on board then its like a bonus!

Take Time to Craft and Design Really
Appealing Sales Pages

​This is another important aspect of your launch. Your sales pages play a huge role on the amount of money you make with your launch.

​If your sales pages aren't crafted well and they don't work,  your product launch will end up with low conversion rate and low Earnings Per Click (EPCs).

​That will definitely scare away super affiliates who are keeping an eye on which products to promote next. Not to mention you won't make much money with your launch.

​So when you're creating your sales pages be sure they're high converting and look really appealing. If that means hiring a kick ass, professional copywriter and sales page web designer then so be it.

​Conversions is the bread and butter of making money online. Don't skimp on this step.

​Create a Solid JV Page and
Network With JVs Ahead of Time

​If you can get Joint Venture partners (JVs) and big affiliates in agreement to promote your product, it can make your launch a huge success.

​One of the best ways to get them on board is to create a solid JV page that provides details about your launch. Give them every little detail that they need to know to make a decision on promoting your product.

​Think about what you would want to know if you're the affiliate looking to promote a product launch.

​Another thing to keep in mind - if you plan on making money in the product launch space you should have a focus on networking with JVs on a regular basis.

​Build true relationships with other marketers in your niche by sharing ideas and having personal conversations. One of the best rewards of doing online business is the friendships you make.

​When it comes time for your product launch you can let them know ahead of time so they clear space on their calendar to promote your launch.

​To Be Continued...

​That's all for today. In my next post I'm going share more insights I learned during my product launch. Stay tuned, it will definitely help you out with your launch.

​In the mean time, what are some of the things you've learned from doing product launches?